17 January 2008

funny business in the rapides parish registrar of voters?

brent sanders writes:


So I go the Registrar of Voters office to get certified proof that I switch to Republican before November 30th.

While waiting for the ladies to figure out what to do with my request...one of the higher ups came to the front counter and told me that people had called her about me to confirm I was registered prior to the 30th.

Then...this is when the weird part happens... I hear a lady speaking loudly from an office unseen in the back about Ron Paul... very loudly...

Then one of those people from the back come up and ask me if I was supporting Ron Paul... (in an office that has a huge sign that says no politics to be discussed)

I affirmed her question..so she asked me to follow her to the back office...
She escorts me to the head ladies office and introduces me as a Ron Paul supporter.

Head lady then asks "Why is Ron Paul on the Republican Ballot when he is a libertarian?"

I of course reply in a confused tone... "But ma'am, Ron Paul is a Republican, He's been in congress for 20 years as a Republican"

She rebuts, "But I've seen his billboards in town, they say he's a libertarian"

I refute, "No ma'am, those billboard say nothing about libertarian..(then I go on to describe in detail what the billboards do say)"

Then she continues... "But I saw yard signs on Albert Street that say that..."

which I could only explain to her.. "Um, those are my yard signs....and they don't say that"

*silence* no response handed notarized voter card.

Very weird. I've been harassed at the Voter Registrar's office, I've been harassed at my own polling place when I was running for congress...

I didn't get any of their names...but this is ridiculous... reminds me of memetics.

Wassup with that...? And why is my voter registrar's office spreading disinfo?