21 January 2009

an 8" noose makes loony loozianians panic

UPDATE: 22 january 2009 louisiana state police release a photograph of the terrifying eight inch noose


look how pathetic these so called leaders are. someone leaves an 8" [20cm] noose
on someones work desk - eight inches - how is someone s'posed to be hung with an eight inch noose? and the state goes crazy. full panic and emergency mode. notice the media doesnt bother to find out and/or report if thats eight inches in overall length or an eight inch eye - all the repeaters know is that someone told them its a noose!

now check this out - the state director of the governor's office of homeland security & emergency prepardness, mark cooper, says that "my number one priority right now is the well-being of these two employees, who were subjected to and victimized by the most hideous crime...we will do whatever it takes to assist and support them and their families, in any way possible to deal with this gross violation of an individuals right to work in a safe and positive work environment" it's an eight inch noose and this clown is acting like employees were killed. pafreakingthetic.

next, they trot out col. mike edmonson, the superintendent of the louisiana state police. now hes done called in the the u.s. attorney, he wants to launch a full investigation with the fbi! lol. this guy, before he was promoted to state police superintendent, by that fraud piyush "bobby" jindal, was lsu football head coach, les miles' personal body guard. mmhmm.

the reason this state is in the shape that its in, is because its ran by a bunch of freaks and the state legislature, who passed this garbage bill, along with a lot of others, last year is nothing but an organized crime gang that are the actual criminals on the loose.