21 January 2009

richard joseph goss, greenbrier motel shooting 'coverup' gets weirder and weirder

it looks like several councilmen are attempting to use this mans death to embarrass the mayor. the mayor has an "administrative briefing" every wednesday. it's carried live on public access television, so why hasnt the media questioned him about the shooting already?

what is the name of the mysterious doctor who signed mr. goss' death certificate? according to this report posted to the columbia university website, schizophrenia "can't be diagnosed on the autopsy table."

while this report from 1977, "autopsy findings in mental patients," says that:

"The antemortem clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia had been made in 20 patients. Consideration of the autopsy and clinical findings suggested in retrospect that in 1 White patient and 5 Black patients the diagnosis of schizophrenia could be questioned.

In these cases atypical psychiatric symptoms had been present and pathological lesions suggested a cause other than schizophrenia.

Pathological lesions found included post-traumatic cerebral scarring, cerebral tumour in 2 cases, and cirrhosis of the liver. In Black patients difficulty in diagnosis is caused by the fact that toxic psychosis may mimic schizophrenia, while true schizophrenia may be complicated by the presence of toxic psychosis. With light microscopy, no specific cellular changes were found in the brains of schizophrenic patients."