11 January 2009

new music site - pandora.com internet radio

last night someone on our instant messenger turned us on to an online streaming music website called pandora.

click picture to enlarge
what you can do is create one or more "stations" and pandora serves up "that music and more like it."

heres an example of some tunes pandora's "music genome project" analysis chose for our eddie money station.

its pretty easy to figure out how to use the website, we figured it out after all and if you so choose to register, it too is a simple and free process.

like us, the significance of the name "pandora" isnt lost on the founders of this website. pandora, according to greek mythology, was the first woman, who, due to her inability to follow directions, released all manner of evil upon humanity; then closed the lid of her infamous box before hope could escape. the pandora website however, states that they celebrate pandora's virtue of curiosity and "have made it our mission to reward the musically curious among us with a never-ending experience of music discovery." ~ source
so be advised and act accordingly.