31 January 2009

barry cooper uncovers a drug detector dog false alert scam

Barry Cooper, CEO of www.nevergetbusted.com and Vice President of www.kopbusters.com is retained by Austin, Texas, Defense Attorney, James Gill, as an expert witness to testify the K-9 in this video false alerted.

This is the worst case Barry has seen. The motorist was pulled over for a traffic violation and refused consent to search.

If the K-9 handler can get his dog to alert, the auto can be searched. This handler walked the dog by the driver's door a dozen times before coaxing him to alert by stimulating him with his toy reward.

A legitimate alert would have happened the first or second pass at the door. The motorist was illegally arrested for possession of controlled substance and possession of marijuana. Kopbusters will be monitoring this case and reporting the outcome.


Watch these videos of a true K-9 alert and subtle false alerts to compare the gross differences: www.nevergetbusted.com/k9test3.php

If you were the judge in this case, how would you rule? False alert or True alert?

Please post your answer on the YouTube watch page here.