11 January 2009

jeremiah munsen to be released from federal prison

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jeremiah munsen, the colfax, louisiana teen who was sentenced on 15 august 2008, to four months in a federal prison for displaying a homemade noose before a crowd in downtown alexandria, la. is scheduled to be released from the houston federal detention center today, 11 january 2009.

on the night of 20 september 2006, a crowd of marchers from tennessee were in downtown alexandria, la. waiting for buses to take them back to tennessee after having participated in the "jena 6" march in jena, lasalle parish, louisiana, earlier that day.

the "noose" was crafted from a yellow extension cord and fastened to a pickup truck driven by mr. munsen.

mr. munsen was originally indicted under 18 u.s.c. section 241 - conspiracy against rights and 18 u.s.c.section 245 (b)(2)(E) - federally protected activities. however, the first more serious charge was later dropped.

it has never been explained how a large crowd was intimidated by two kids driving up and down the street with what amounted to a fake noose attached to their truck-- when at any time, if any real danger was present, the crowd could have defended itself or easily rushed the truck and torn the youths limb-from-limb.

both charges arise from controversial and likely unconstitutional federal "hate crimes" law and the prosecution of mr. munsen was pushed by barbara "bobbi" bernstein, a zionist israel-firster jewess, operating within the united states department of justice's civil rights division.

the prison sentence was imposed by u.s. district court judge dee drell, a george w. bush appointee and veteran of the corrupt alexandria, la. law firm of gold, weems, bruser, sues and rundell.
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