04 January 2009

new york city mayor mickey bloomberg jets off to israel to show his support

new york city mayor mickey bloomberg accompanied by congressman gary ackerman and nyc police commissioner, ray kelly, jets off to israel to express their solidarity with and to back the israelis invasion of gaza.

last night during the geraldo rivera program, faux news reported that their could be an attack (read false flag operation) on or somewhere in the united states as a result of israel's actions against gaza -- yet mayor bloomberg leaves his city to jet off to israel; taking with him -- of all people: the police commissioner -- thus showing once again that zionist jews are more loyal to israel than they are to their host country.

congressman gary ackerman another zionist israel firster criminal jew is the sponsor of aipac's h. con. res. 362 known as the iran war resolution (which was cosponsored by louisiana congressmen: rodney alexander (r), don cazayoux (d), charlie melancon (d), jim mccrery (r) and steve scalise (r) its companion bill, s.res.580 was cosponsored by david vitter (r) and katrina mary landrieu snellings (d) all of these congressmen and senators should be considered traitors and zionist israeli agents).

according to his zionist approved wikipedia entry, congressman ackerman:

[H]as also not been without some controversial votes. He was one of only 22 Congressman and one of 2 Democrats from New York to vote against a resolution calling for the protection of the symbols and traditions of Christmas. The resolution, which did not include language that would protect the symbols of other religious holidays, passed 401-22 in the House in December 2005.

This isn’t the first time the Congressman was labeled as anti-Christian; in April 2003 the Catholic League for religious and civil rights attacked Ackerman for voting against a non-binding resolution that would have declared a day of prayer in recognition of the U.S. war in Iraq. He was also criticized for calling on Bush to demand U.S. Secretary Rod Paige's resignation for stating that values taught in Christian schools are better than those learned in public schools.