15 January 2009

unethical local attorney greg aymond attacks mysterious voices in his head again

infamous alexandria, louisiana attorney greg aymond who claims to be a "former" member of the ku klux klan and who's own unethicalness was shown by his forwarding and blind carbon copying privileged and confidential attorney-client emails to a third party -- has taken offense at our post "bridgett brown is a trip."

the point - if there was one, of the post, was to point out that attorney's are "officer's of the court"
that these are the people that are supposed to be protecting our rights and the integrity of the louisiana as well as the american legal system and as such they are or should be bound to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects the legal profession in the best possible light; instead, a lot of them act as bad as or worse than anyone off the street.

we're not the only ones who feel this way - in the 2006 regular louisiana legislative session, senator rob marionneaux offered and the legislature passed his senate concurrent resolution no. 113.

in scr 113, senator marionneaux and then state representative don cazayoux, as well as the rest of the legislature complained about attorney advertising. it reads in part that "some members of the louisiana state bar association are advertising their services in this state has become undignified and poses a threat to the way attorneys are perceived in this state"

it could be argued that an attorney who keeps a blog is engaging in a form of advertising - doesnt mr. aymond post legal documents of cases that he is involved in as well as letters bearing his letter head and contact information?

isnt a well known attorney who attends a public meeting of a governing body and who gets on public access television and makes a spectacle of herself engaging in a form of advertising?

curiously, mr. aymond in his response to our post, desperately attempts to shift the focus away from his own unethicalness -- to turn it into what he represents to be a personal attack. this is the same thing that he accuses his anonymous detractors on another local blog of doing.

of course given mr. aymonds history, it's hard to tell if he was offended either by our mentioning his seedy activities or by our comparing it to that of a black female.