31 January 2009

israeli army destroys gaza zoo slaughters animals

via citizens for legitimate government

'Around every corner, inside almost every cage are dead animals, who have been lying in their cages since the Israeli incursion.' Israeli troops shot and killed zoo animals 25 Jan 2009 The Gaza Zoo reeks of death. But zookeeper Emad Jameel Qasim doesn't appear to react to the stench as he walks around the animals' enclosures. A month ago, it was attracting families - he says the zoo drew up to 1,000 visitors each day. He points at the foot-long hole in the camel in one of the enclosures. "This camel was pregnant, a missile went into her back," he tells us. "Look, look at her face. She was in pain when she died." [Yeah, I am *so sure* the pregnant camel was working for Hamas. Why is the US funding war criminals, terrorists and Sarah Palinesque sociopaths? --LRP]

Israeli Massacre Against Thousand of Chickens In Gaza By Sameh A. Habeeb 23 Jan 2009 (Photos)

'I can't figure out why the Israelis thought that Hamas had anything to do with ice cream.' The Devastation of Gaza: From Factories to Ice Cream 28 Jan 2009 Yaser Alwadeya wanders past a field strewn with the remnants of gaily painted ice cream carts, which were shredded by a blizzard of shrapnel. He enters the blackened innards of the Al Ameer factory, which once manufactured Gaza's tastiest ice cream and popsicles. Shaking his head, he says, "I can't figure out why the Israelis thought that Hamas had anything to do with ice cream."

Video: Gaza farmers devastated by war 29 Jan 2009 The scale of the damage caused by Israel's war on Gaza continues to emerge. Palestinian agriculture officials estimate the cost to the strip's farming sector will be more than 200 million dollars. Al Jazeera's Mike Kirsch reports from Gaza, where many farmers are devastated at having to start again from scratch. (Video)

First evidence of damage to Gaza's cultural sites emerges --Antiquities museum hit; fears grow for excavated archaeology 28 Jan 2009 After a 3,500-year history of invasions, the latest war on the beleaguered coastal strip of Gaza has once again put historic sites at risk. With the fragile ceasefire still in force, The Art Newspaper has learned that Gaza’s only museum has been damaged and other heritage sites and buildings may also be at risk.

Witnesses say Israeli soldiers deliberately targeted civilians in Gaza 30 Jan 2009 Three witnesses say Israeli soldiers shot and killed two civilians who had raised their arms after being told to stop the tractor they were driving. The incident took place on the second day of the Israeli ground offensive in Gaza. The incident has come to light as a result of an investigation by Australia's national newspaper, The Australian.

Spain to stop investigations of alleged Israeli war crimes 31 Jan 2009 A day after a Spanish court ordered an investigation into an assassination of a Palestinian militant in 2002, the Spanish government has said it will cancel the investigation, and change the law to prevent such investigations being undertaken in the future. The moves came after Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni telephoned the Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos on Friday. Livni said after the call Moratinos told her he 'would fix it.'

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