14 January 2009

alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy accused of being deceptive again

an apparently disgruntled city employee, von jennings, "accused mayor jacques roy of falsifying a report on the number of minority-owned businesses that deal with the city." see gannett/the town talk city worker: mayor used false figures in report.

mayor roy in a report to the city council, said that the number of minority and women owned businesses doing business with the city from the period of may 2007 to april 2008 increased from 3.9 percent - the figure from when he first took office on 04 december 2006 to 8.2 percent.

ms. jennings who is on administrative leave from the city and has been recommended for termination, said that the numbers are false and pegged the actual number of minority owned city vendors at just two percent - one percent owned by blacks and one percent owned by women.

the allegations if true, wouldnt be the first time that mayor roy has used deceptive data. in december 2007, the gannett/town talk, reported that the mayor along with his 'chief operating officer,' kay michaels, used fake data in a 20 november 2007 council meeting in what they represented to the city council to be a legitimate traffic study they were using to support the notion for the city to give prescott road to st. francis cabrini hospital. the paper revealed that the source of the data used in the "traffic study" actually came from st. francis cabrini hospital, the very entity that would have of course benefited from the property transfer.