24 January 2009

alexandria, la. doctor wonders if the louisiana state bar has a code of ethics

dr. peter l. couvillion, in his 21 january 2009 gannett/town talk, 'your mail:' "city council, straighten up" [link or download .pdf] makes the same point that we were attempting to make in our bridgett brown is a trip post.

a point for which we were viciously attacked by addle-brained, unethical alexandria, la. attorney greg aymond, la. bar roll 17,449, who claims that he is a "former" member of the ku klux klan, while on his central la politics blog irresponsibly calls several members of the alexandria, la. city council a pack of *nigger street thugs in what must be his desperate attempt to get an alexandria, la. race war going:

see: the light: alexandria (la) attorney greg aymond missed the mark with his "nigga thug" posting and cenlamar: greg aymond needs to apologize and your right hand thief: quotes of the weak for 15 december 2008 and my bossier: alexandria "blog war" brings response from mayor roy

it's a mistake to solely single out ms. brown due to her shabby behavior -- even though it is easy to do so given the media attention. all citizens must demand higher ethical standards and respectable conduct for and by all attorneys -- at all times.

we must demand better law schools with mechanisms in place, to root out the riff-raff before they become attorneys.

we must demand that the state bar move quicker to remove those attorneys who bring dishonor, disrepute and discredit upon the practice of law; who shame honest officers of the court.

*mr. aymond claims that we intentionally misquote him as he disingenuously uses the word "nigga" which if he would have bothered to have done about five minutes or less of research, would have learned that nigga is an eye dialect of nigger and means the same thing.

in another blog post of his, he pointed out that "the term 'nigga street thugs' was meant to be offensive."

in yet another blog post, mr. aymond says that "if my use of the word "nigga" gives people the red-ass, then so be it. mission accomplished."

any reasonable minded person, after analyzing the context of mr. aymond's posts, likely couldnt help but conclude: that nigger was the word that he was really using -- but was too cowardly to use in its proper form.

through another of mr. aymond's typically illogical constructs -- he incredibly attempts to trick his readers into believing that his use of the word nigga is different to the word nigger since it's "hip hop rap slang." although - repeating - both words are the same.
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