12 January 2009

stephen sabludowsky is a nut!

we just read about the most ridiculous piece by someone who holds himself out to be a serious political pundit - but then again...this is loony, looziania, after all. anyway, the piece on bayou buzz.com, by stephen sabludowsky and captioned: 'drug epidemic: louisiana: start drug-testing public school, university students,' this 794 word tale of hyperbole and nonsense is something to behold.

for instance mr. sabludowsky breathlessly writes that what: "[mr. sabludowsky's lord and savior piyush "bobby" jindal] and the legislature and our communities must focus upon, as soon as possible, is the overwhelming prevalence of drugs being used by our kids...it is time that all of our public schools to engage in random drug testing of the students who do use these public institutions." one small problem, mr. sabludowsky doesnt bother to either quote from or link to any data whatsoever to show that louisiana "kids are loaded or blasted out of their young minds..."

or how about this: "the schools are a hotbed for stoned students populating our facilities who are loaded during school hours, or after school empties or even during the weekends. Yes, the drug use might not take place within the confines of the school yards, but often the students talk about drugs at lunch or between classes or in the case of our universities, on campus, and the peer pressure continues builds. [sic]" kids also talk, at school and other places, about getting laid, skipping class where the party is at this weekend, who's house is scheduled to be rolled, who's turn it is to get the beer and other illegal activities and unsavory subjects - what does mr. sabludowsky who professes so much love and caring for the children propose to do about that?

doesnt it make more sense that if someone like mr. sabludowsky, was truly concerned about drugs that he would be calling for the arrest of those who are behind the illegal drug trade? not the street dealers, but the people high above them. but he is not doing that here. he apparently has no problem with the presence of drugs. instead, he wants to turn our kids and their bodily functions over to the police state. does mr. sabludowsky have any financial interest in or would he like to have an interest in any drug testing companies? is mr. sabludowsky even an american?

mr. sabludowsky asserts that "there are other communities in the United States that do allow such drug-test intrusions in junior and high-school environments." again mr. sabludowsky doesnt bother to name or link us to these mysterious communities in order to draw our own conclusions about their antidrug programs success or lack thereof. we guess that we are supposed to just take his word for it. not!

heres our favorite line: "Without question, the American Civil Liberties Union would threaten or file a lawsuit on the basis of the testing being a violation of the 4th Amendment and other legal grounds..." mr. sabludowsky obviously inserted this line to brainwash (condition) his readers into reacting with, hey - if the aclu is against it then i'am supposed to be for it!

mr. sabludowsky is plainly making his shit up as he goes along.

it just so happens that in our navy days we had to take piss tests every time you turned around. we dont know what the procedure is for women, but what they do for men is -- the master-at-arms hands you a bottle and then watches you take your penis out; insert it in the bottle and piss. then when you are finished he hands you the lid and a paper towel to wipe it off with. then he clinches the bottle in his hand for a few seconds to make sure that its warm.

is this what you want for your kids? because that is the only way to make sure that you are getting a pure sample. any other way is a waste of time (and money) because the sample can and in some cases will be altered - with the internet it's not hard to figure out how. so again we ask: does mr. sabludowsky have any financial interest in or would he like to have an interest in any drug testing companies? is mr. sabludowsky an american? does mr. sabludowsky know what being an american means?