15 January 2009

fkn newz: bush farewell "bye assholes"

announcer: george w. bush, will shortly cease to be president of america. some people will celebrate this event and others will bemourn the loss of a great president.

but which view is accurate?

here is president bush himself, in his last press conference, making a farewell speech:

"tee hee, my farewell amalgamations, thank you for allowing the unjust electoral system that put me into power -- twice. tee hee, i couldnt believe you let that happen once - but twice, tee hee, you really arent that smart are you? tee hee and people think i'am an idiot, tee hee hee.

thanks also, for being an ineffective, desperate and poorly organized in resisting the erosion of your rights, after 911 and for believing that whole "war on terror" story without too much gagging. i swear, i never thought so many people could be so fucking stupid. but, you live and learn.

some people say, only in the greatest country on earth -- could a barely literate, coke snorting, drunk be president.

only in a free and democratic nation -- could a few lying, scumbags gain so much control over the nations affairs that it ceased to be free and democratic. but i disagree. i think we can do it to other countries as well.

when cheney and rummy and some of my other daddy's friends was planning 911, i didnt believe we could pull it off. but i was wrong. i was so impressed by how ya'll swallowed that shit so easily, i had no problem with the economic fairy story we sold ya and the trillions of debt we moved from my daddy's friends businesses onto you, the american taxpayer. tee hee.

i'am leaving you now. i'am leaving america with the biggest debt in history. i'am leaving you one of the most hated nations on earth. whose citizens, have less privacy, less freedom, less rights, less education and less prospects of good health and less ability to do anything about it, than ever before.

i would like to wish blackie obama err, back mahtroma err, the next guy, the best of luck in getting you out of the shit i got you into.

tee hee. i know in my heart, he was funded by the same right wing, capitalist, pro-israel god-deluded, voodoo-mumbo, lying, facist, scumbags i was, so tee hee, i wouldnt hold my breath for that to happen.

anyway, good-bye, i'am out to get drunk, snort coke and chain saw some trees down.

i gotta have my mind control chip removed, cos cheney says he needs it for my brother. so long!"
announcer: president bush there reminding us exactly why he will be remembered as the greatest president ever -- the greatest asshole, liar, buffoon, murderer, etcetera, etcetera....