03 January 2009

main stream media catches up to the blogosphere....again

on 24 december 2008 governor piyush "bobby" jindal issued his 113th executive order which rescinded requirements of his very first executive order which related to members of his cabinet and the due date of their financial disclosure reports.

at 3:36 p.m. cst, thursday, 01 january 2009, c.b. forgotston sent an email with the subject line: "jindal delays disclosure requirements," in which he pointed out just what ol' piyush was up to.

mr. forgotston didnt post his email to his blog [www.forgotston.com] until 7:27 a.m cst, friday, 02 january 2009 and it was immediately picked up by and linked from the dead pelican.

at 6:07 p.m. cst, friday, 02 january 2009 the associated press posted a story "jindal cabinet gets more time for income reports."

the associated press in their story describe mr. forgotston as "a former legislative lawyer and one-time business lobbyist who is a frequent critic of state government," all this may be true -- however, mr. forgotston is known in most circles as a rather prolific and longtime blogger. yet the ap makes no mention whatsoever about this.

what they do however, is to reference mr. forgotston's email "[forgotston] pointed out the little-noticed order in an e-mail to reporters. he said the order amounts to 'special treatment for the cabinet.'" the most likely explanation of the msm's mentioning mr. forgotston at all, is the fact that his blog post had already been linked from the dead pelican for some ten or eleven hours and everyone who follows politics in louisiana had seen it and would automatically recognize the true source of the story.

but more importantly, where was the main stream media at from the period of 24 december or lets say 26 december 2008 up to 31 or even 30 december 2008?