08 January 2009

senator david vitter still riding his faux moral high-horse

according to the library of congress, louisiana's junior senator david vitter (r) has filed (so far) thirty-four bills. louisiana's senior senator katrina mary landrieu snellings (d) has filed none - yet.

some bills filed by senator vitter to the 111th congress so far include:

S.RES.4 : A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate that the Supreme Court of the United States erroneously decided Kennedy v. Louisiana, No. 07-343 (2008), and that the eighth amendment to the Constitution of the United States allows the imposition of the death penalty for the rape of a child.

we're opposed to s.res.4 as well as the death penalty for raping a child because it increases the chance that the rapist will kill the child to prevent s/he from testifying against the rapist.

S.RES.6 : A resolution expressing solidarity with Israel in Israel's defense against terrorism in the Gaza Strip.

this shows that senator vitter is actually working for israel and zionist jews against the best interests of the united states.

additionally, since sentor vitter is running for reelection next year, he naturally has to grovel before his zionist jewish masters, in hope that they wont be mentioning that whole d.c. madam/wendy cortez prostitution/diaper thang everyday from their zionist controlled news media, television programs including the late night comics and saturday night live.

plus it increases his stature among the reprobate christian zionists, who, like cancer, so infest this state with their worship of zionists and israel and not jesus christ.

S.J.RES.1 : A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to limiting the number of terms that a Member of Congress may serve.

senator vitter was the one behind louisiana's legislative term limit bill which left us in the state that we are in now with a novice legislature under the biggest fraud of a governor, and fellow subversive rhodes scholar, that louisiana has ever had to suffer. apparently, senator vitter wasnt satisfied with screwing up louisiana now he wants to do the entire country.

S.J.RES.2 : A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States authorizing the Congress and the States to prohibit the act of desecration of the flag of the United States and to set criminal penalties for that act.

this is another example of just how sorry senator vitter actually is. all the american flag is, just like the flag of every other nation on earth, is a symbol of a wicked and sinful government. it has no business being placed on a pedestal.

it's touchy-feely propaganda aimed at the right wing faux patriots and fake christians. besides the constitutional problems, no authentic christian could support a flag burning amendment because it turns the flag into a graven image, an idol, prohibited by biblical injunction.

we've never burnt an american flag or attended any demonstration or protest where an american flag or any flag was burnt. in fact going back to our navy days we've saluted it and stood attention before it and raised and lowered it at morning and evening colors hundreds if not thousands of times.

by the same token, in heaven and in hell there is no america or russia, china, iran, iraq, israel and so forth - there is only the kingdom of god or the lake of fire and this is the only thing that matters. so to those who want to burn an american flag - have at it.

S.84 : A bill to close the loophole that allowed the 9/11 hijackers to obtain credit cards from United States banks that financed their terrorist activities, to ensure that illegal immigrants cannot obtain credit cards to evade United States immigration laws, and for other purposes.

this is to allow for more big brother, governmental spying on americans under the guise of fighting the war on terra...errr the war of terror.

S.87 : A bill to amend the procedures regarding military recruiter access to secondary school student recruiting information.

senator vitter wants to make it easier for the government to have access to our children in order to brainwash them into becoming cannon fodder/zionist attack dogs for israel.

S.91 : A bill to reduce the amount of financial assistance provided to the Government of Mexico in response to the illegal border crossings from Mexico into the United States, which serve to dissipate the political discontent with the higher unemployment rate within Mexico.

this is more propaganda aimed at the right wing base.

S.96 : A bill to prohibit certain abortion-related discrimination in governmental activities.

more pandering to the base - rhodes scholars are big believers in eugenics.

S.98 : A bill to impose admitting privilege requirements with respect to physicians who perform abortions.

same as s.96

S.106 : A bill to require that all individuals convicted of a felony under State law provide a DNA sample.

this is more attempts to get a federal dna database going. it starts out only applicable to convicted felons then before long it will be amended to include swabbing anyone getting a traffic ticket, applying for a license and so forth.

S.107 : A bill to authorize funding for the Advancing Justice through DNA Technology initiative.

see s.106 - the funding mechanism for s.106

S.108 : A bill to prohibit the admission of an alien who was detained as an enemy combatant at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, unless the President determines that such admission is consistent with the national security of the United States, and for other purposes.

this is to prohibit those detained at guantanamo bay, cuba from ever getting a "fair" trial subject to u.s. law on u.s. soil.

the links to these bills usually change over time - to view these bills or any bill filed by any senator or representative go to http://thomas.loc.gov/ and choose the appropriate drop down box or www.govtrack.us
also: house.gov and senate.gov

UPDATED: the individual bill links to their gov track entries.