13 January 2009

richard lee mcnair writes to edmonton crime reporter byron christopher

via twitter.com/deadmonton

A convicted killer who escaped prison three times, made the U.S. Marshals' Top 15 fugitive list and was featured on America's Most Wanted 12 times, Richard Lee McNair was captured as the result of the keen observations of a New Brunswick Mountie in October 2007.

And while he may have answered a lot of questions posed by law enforcement, McNair never answered any questions posed by media until he wrote to Edmonton crime reporter Byron Christopher.

In late 2008, Christopher (who hails from the same New Brunwick town where McNair was captured) decided to write to the prisoner.

Surprisingly, McNair wrote back. It was his first response to media.

click here to read near full sized scans of mr. mcnair's letter.