01 January 2009

c.b. forgotston uncovers more piyush ethics scammery

wst... note: since this article hasnt yet been published to mr. forgotston's blog: www.forgotston.com we are publishing it here (with his permission) in its entirety:

Jindal delays disclosure requirements

Despite all the talk about transparency, Bobby Jindal has delayed the financial disclosure statements for his own cabinet appointees.

Last January, immediately after taking office, Bobby issued his first Executive Order requiring his cabinet appointees to disclose their finances under the same requirements as those for the governor. See Executive Order No. BJ 2008-1. The order required that the disclosure reports were due on January 15, 2009.

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2008, Bobby quietly rescinded the requirements by Executive Order No. BJ 2008-113. The financial disclosure reports are now not due until May 15, 2009 as set forth in the law.

Bobby can't blame this on the leges. Bobby could have left the reporting date for his cabinet secretaries at January 15.

There is no legal conflict. The law passed by the lege set the latest date to report the previous calendar year's finances. There is no reason that the cabinet appointees couldn't or shouldn't comply earlier.

This is just more of the "same old, same old," special treatment for one of those SPECIAL INTEREST group about which Bobby rails.

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