23 January 2009

aclu to represent johnny duncan in his federal complaint against the amite, louisiana police department

johnny duncan is an author who self published a book titled "you might be a nigger!" to help advertise his book he placed a sign with its title and his contact information on the side of his car.

subsequently, the amite police department ticketed him "for displaying an obscenity on his car."

according to the times-picayune (see link) the ticket was later dismissed. we might add and rightfully so.

now, mr. duncan is suing the police department in federal court. good!

as former police officer turned anti-drug war activitist barry cooper has pointed out, one way to help stop police abuse is to sue them. so we wish mr. duncan well with his complaint.

note: a lot of people complain about the aclu. but why werent there any "honest, respectable" attorney's willing to step-up to the plate and go to bat for mr. duncan?