23 January 2009

richard j goss/greenbriar motel shooting: mike magnoli has a few questions for alexandria, la. city attorney charles "chuck" johnson

for some mysterious reason, kalb has been pretty diligent in reporting and following up on the 26 november 2008 shooting of richard joseph goss in the greenbrier motel by alexandria policeman clifton fairbanks. maybe one of the managers at kalb or one of their kids received a ticket from apd that they wont fix - cos normally the media is collaborating with the powers that be a/k/a criminals on the loose, in covering up crimes.

so...for nearly the past two months the city police chief, darren coutee, has been telling kalb that the rapides parish sheriff's office is investigating the shooting - a shooting which resulted in the death of mr. goss, who reportedly was unarmed.

in the meantime, someone who remains unidentified by the media, files a request for information to the sheriff's department about the investigation since it was supposed to have only taken four weeks to complete.

in a 20 january 2009 report, kalb produced rpso's reply to the mysterious information request. it is a strategically redacted letter, which stated "this office did not do an investigation of this incident. therefore, we are unable to furnish you with any of the information requested."

all this led to the alexandria city attorney's 22 january 2009, afternoon press conference -- seen above, in which he side-stepped the questions and accused kalb of attempting to turn the administration against the chief of police.

later that evening in a report that aired 22 january 2009, kalb reported that alexandria police detective, cedric green, was conducting the investigation.

some of the unanswered core questions being: when did the city attorney find out [what did he know and when did he know it] that this was not an rpso investigation, contrary to the chief of police claims? why was this charade that the rpso was investigating the incident when the apd was investigating its own allowed to commence for nearly two whole months,? why wasnt the city attorney and the administration properly involved with and following up on the management of the investigation?

mr. johnson says that the city has nothing to hide. however, kalb's reporting shows that for nearly two months the city was indeed hiding something.

mr. johnson has a history at obfuscation and shifting the blame. as seen in the below clip taken from the so called cleco settlement public meeting of 30 december 2008, when an alexandria, la. resident, a mr. lacour arose to ask the council a question -- mr johnson sidestepped the question, shifting the focus away from the question by accusing the citizen of insulting the city councilmen's intelligence.


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