30 September 2006

30 september 2006 election returns

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Brewer, Roy and Johnson Interviews Election Nightlength 8:51
kalb has added the three mayoral candidate interviews to their video blog section.

**updated** tuesday 03 october 2006

rugg elementary voting problem

disenfranchised voters: precincts switched around without legal notice alledged...
MORE...kalb video...around 150 voters or more were turned away from their usual voting precinct saturday...a precinct worker sandra powers, said on camera: "its because they moved our precinct one of them in here over to bolton they did not send any cards out we did not know about it either...until we found out just the other day." ...rapides registrar of voters johnell wilson tries to explain the change in precincts away as due to reapportionment 6 years ago and that change of precinct cards had been mailed out presumably 6 years ago, this is despite what her own poll commissioner said...a disenfranchised voter who didnt wish to appear on camera said that she had voted at rugg recently (within the past six years)...kalb larry collins report in .mp3 audio here.
roosevelt johnson

town talk snip:
"Third-place finisher Roosevelt Johnson said Sunday he would talk to family and campaign staff Sunday and wait until the official vote count Tuesday before deciding what he'll do." [...] Johnson would not comment on whether another option for him would be filing a lawsuit claiming some voters were disenfranchised, or discouraged or kept from voting Saturday or in early voting." "I can't say anything until I meet with my family and my campaign team," Johnson said.
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video: local blog cenlamar featured on kalb-tv

jacques roy looks forward to run off

video: voting problems in the garden district

kalb...voting problems in alexandria city council district 4
REVERSAL...delores brewer edges roosevelt johnson out of the run off by 17 votes!

town talk...Roy, Brewer earn runoff spots for Alexandria mayor; Johnson barely misses out on runoff

9:22 pm as copied from the sec'y of state website and posted to cenla antics by anonymous
32 of 41 precincts reporting
1,797------- 20%----- Delores Brewer, R
971----------11%----- "Joe" Fuller, D
79------------ 1% -----Alice "Red" Hammond, D
2,067------- 23%----- Roosevelt L. Johnson, D
2,796------- 30%----- Jacques M. Roy, D
696 -----------8%----- John Sams, R
772----------- 8%----- Charles Fredrick Smith, Jr., D

its.....roy and johnson

town talk
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27%-----------Delores Brewer, R----------------292 votes
7%-----------"Joe" Fuller, D------------------------80
0%-----------Alice "Red" Hammond, D------------3
8%-----------Roosevelt L. Johnson, D------------86
43%-----------Jacques M. Roy, D----------------468
10%-----------John Sams, R-----------------------108
5%-----------Charles Fredrick Smith, Jr., D-------52
407 / 39% Myron K. Lawson, D
629 / 61% "Alex" Slatkin, D
councilman district 2
48 / 44% Darrell K. Hickman, D
60 / 56% Everett C. Hobbs, D
councilman district 4
143 / 42% Marc Lampert, D
195 / 58% Harry B. Silver, R
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Open Primary
there can be only one...
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paw paw's house local races

Alexandria has a hotly contested mayoral race with seven pretenders and the results should be interesting. I worked a football game at a local high school tonight and I informally surveyed a couple of folks who keep their fingers on the pulse of Alexandria politics. The conclusion...
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added 8:01 pm cdt saturday 30 september 2006
ok its after 8:00 pm and now we will post who we did and who we would have voted for in the various elections.
alexandria mayor - john sams - dr sams brought on the best campaign in our opinion. he started campaiging a long time ago and despite his reputation as being a head knocker he never resorted to mud slinging. we think dr. sams wants to be mayor the most. additionally, dr. sams, we feel, would provide lots of excitement and entertainment to the blogosphere
city council at large - dr alex slatkin
dist2 daryl hickman [shame on councilman hobbs and mr. hickman for choosing not to do a kalb video blog.]
dist4 - harry silver
sec'y of state - rayburn clipper
commissioner of insurance - s b a zaitoon
ca1 y
ca2 y
ca3 y
ca4 - n
ca5 - n
ca6 - n
ca7 - n
ca8 y
ca9 y
ca10 y
ca11 y
ca12 y
ca13 - n
library tax - n
school board tax - n
additionally we recommend a constitutional amendment to limit how many constitutional amendments can appear on a ballot at one time. four or five at a time is enough. furthermore, by placing so many amendments on the ballot it cheapens the constitution it makes it look like a weak piece of paper that is so sorry that it requires massive amending all the time. that many amendments is confusing and stupid and should be stopped!