19 September 2006

cover-up at alexandria police department

this morning local attorney greg aymond who runs the central la politics blog reported the following over on the cenla antics blog. will the local press cover this story? probably not.

greg aymond said...

If the candidates truly wish to be tough on crime, they can start with this.

Monday morning, according to several witnesses, Alexandria Police Officer,
Frankie Crooks, rear ended a car letting out a child at Cabrini School. Prior to that collision, officer Crooks was observed driving erratically, with two children in his truck. After the collision, Officer Crooks exited his vehicle and was unable to walk
correctly. Witnesses told the investigating officer, Officer Tullos, that Crooks appeared intoxicated or on drugs.

Instead of testing him, as would have been done to me or you, the deputy assigned to the school had Mr. Crooks park his truck and gave him a ride home.
What will be done about this ? What are the facts? Is there a double standard here?
Waiting to hear from you Chief Coutee, with the same investigation that your department conducts in "normal" DWI cases.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 4:35:45 AM