01 September 2006

death of a president

yesterday, drudge brought us news about a new gabriel range movie premeiring at the toronto international film festival. the film 'death of a president' hasnt been added to the internet movie database yet. its not on mr. range's page there either. we assume they will be added pretty soon though. here is the wikipedia entry for death of a president.

Limbaugh asked, "isn't it a crime" to talk about killing a president?
as you can imagine shrub's propagandists are outraged. todays toronto sun is reporting that chief bush troll rush limbaugh is raising questions about criminal charges against the films director lol. however, limbaugh had to admit "It's clearly a new age," we have to agree and that its also a sad age that anyone would want to make a movie that graphically through computer generated imagery realistically shows a sitting american president killed. what does that say about us as americans when millions of people around the world pray to god that it come true?


see also what if bush really was assassinated? from the daily mail

judging from the comments coming from the americans at the end of this daily mail piece they show that a lot of americans still dont get it. the world is angry with america and justifiably so. god through his word the holy bible said that "when the righteous rule the people rejoice." now who in america or anywhere else is rejoicing over the rule of george w. bush and his minions? the only people that rejoice in bush are those that are likewise like the president: mentally ill. normal, sane people work to create a better world for themselves and their families and communities. all george w. bush and his followers are about is death and destruction. bush is a liar and a destroyer of the constitution and the bill of rights these are all signs of mental illness. god has also said "woe unto them that call evil good and good evil...." points to ponder.