08 September 2006

dr alex slatkin video blogged!

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length 10:38
dr. alex slatkin is running for alexandria, louisiana city councilman-at-large against the incumbent myron lawson.
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added 2:25 pm cdt friday 08 september 2006 on why hes running for office dr. slatkin says that he at this point of his life "i have a little bit more free time and i feel that i can do something for our community and i believe i can do a good job being a councilman and offer things that the community wants....and i will be glad to do that with a lot of pride." asked about his background dr. slakin says that he has "many things on me" his native language is portugese he was born in rio. he has been in the united states for the past 33 years and he has been practicing medicine at alexandria, louisiana for 28 years. slatkin is half italian from his mothers side. his father was born at jerusalem and his fathers parents were originally from russia.

dr. slatkin says that he is not running against the incumbent councilman myron lawson and has told him so. dr. slaktkin says that he is running for that seat and says that he doesnt feel that the city council is "not necessarily wrong in every direction i think that i can add more than whats there" for example he says that he has patients that make only $600 - 700 [473-552EUR] dollars a month and have for example a $300 - 400 [237-315EUR] dollar a month utility bill and this concerns him. "if i become a councilman i will try every effort to explore every single avenue as possible to try to bring the utilities down..."

key statement:
"...cut down the amount of money that the city spends in surveryors and consultants and waste of time waste money on things that we really dont need and make our priorities to work better, therefore, save money and maybe even bring money from the general fund back into the utility department..."

dr. slatkin also discusses the hotel bentley and whether or not he owns any property downtown and gives his perspective and thoughts on race relations.