29 September 2006

mike francis on jeff crouere show

mp3 here

mike francis just appeared on the jeff crouere show and talked about jay dardenne's most recent campaign commercial the one with the fat guy in the red cape. francis referred to the ad as "a superman ad" that he had to laugh and that he thought that most people realized that it is "too late" to throw some mud out there "if you have a substantial campaign issue you use that early on to in order to really build a base and build a seperation between you and a candidate so i the information that they put out in that superman ad i think is just a cheap shot made and its indicitive of a candidate whos running behind and hes desperate."

one thing that mr. francis mentions that makes sense to us is that the sec'y of state is "your chief business officer - anytime a corporation comes here from another state they must come to the secretary of states office to register their corporaton and also i might add that all of our local louisiana corporations must register there too. this gives the secretary of state a direct eye in to go before the legislature, the governor and anyone else who is associated with business to ask for a good level playing field from our government towards business and one of the things i will do is push the legislature to eliminate some of these unfair taxes that we have in louisiana."

disappointingly no mention was made of mr. francis's civil court contempt citation that was reported on earlier this week.

francis predicts that he will finish slightly behind and be in the runoff with the democratic candidate francis heitmeier.

note: chad over at the dead pelican has a copy of what he is calling the "infamous" dardenne superman ad you can download and view by clicking here. see also: DARDENNE AD REVOLTS VIEWERS

view the infamous "fatman" attack ad


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