28 September 2006

brewer lawsuit

alexandria, louisiana mayoral race
delores brewer is a candidate for alexandria, louisiana mayor. in a campaign mailout earlier this week she attacked another candidate jacques roy who is an attorney at law. ms.brewer claims that he sues to get people convicted of d.w.i.'s their drivers license back. despite these claims ms. brewers camp doesnt produce any evidence to back up she merely says that its in the courthouse and we should go to the courthouse and look it up. lol. ms. brewer also attacked trial lawyers in general yet her family retained a lawyer and sued state farm back in 1997 when her son morgan brewer was involved in a traffic accident. ms. brewer and her husband also asked for damages for among other things "loss of consortium." ms. brewer was also an employee of the city of alexandria at the time and was represented by ronald j. fiorenza who is with a law firm (or should we say one of the citys numerous law firms?) that represents the city of alexandria: provosty, sadler, delaunay, fiorenza & sobel.

in a kalb.com vid titled "dirty politics" in alexandria mayor's race? ms. brewer said "its about his profession being a trial lawyer its about his profession in how he conducts himself as a trial lawyer and that he is trying to go and work for the city and lead the city the very city that hes trying to sue that hes sued in the past thats what its about its professional [...] mr roy is uh a trial attorney and i think that the people need to know that about him...the people need to know that he is a trial attorney who sues nursing homes and hospitals and doctors and the city of alexandria and the city of pineville and the england authority and the sheriffs department and all these entities [...] they need to know how mr. roy makes his living."

MORE... brewer lawsuit getting big buzz on cenla antics blog heres a few comments:

click the link to download 7 page .pdf file

oh and look who the judge is why its our old pal george metoyer...see new judge wastes no time joining the old boy network & cleco is being shafted & fools gold & musical chairs at the ninth judicial district court & robbing the bank twice