02 September 2006

field negro's loony coons (the coonies)

ever once in a while field negro posts his list of loony coons. this list includes our nomination don king who we read about in this article via the dead pelican. field negro writes that he takes the time to put his list together "...to explain the history of cooning and the harm that I think it has done to the plight and the perception of black people in this country." what influenced fn is a book he read called "A Soldiers Story" in that book there is a character sgt walters who was hard on a new recruit c.j., "for his constant singing and shuffling." field negro writes "I agreed with him, because I dislike "shiftless lazy niggers" too." those of us of all races that are god fearing and want to live together in peace and harmony have to find some way to clear our mind of the old prejudices and sterotypes of before. how much longer will it take for us to face up to the fact and admit it that we are being conned and that we know it and have allowed it to the detriment of all races to go on? when will we stop allowing them to play us against one another so that talking heads like these that fn has named can continue to be in power and to be exalted? when will we quit paying attention to them and listen to each other?

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