19 September 2006

big bolton block party on cenlamar

last wednesday (13 september 2006) local blog cenlamar posted a comment about alexandria's bolton high school. apparantly bolton has entered of period of stagnation and has been going down hill for the past five years. then, starting about friday and over the weekend up to now; to our astonishment, teachers, and a lot of students got wind of cenlamar's post and pretty much overwhelmed the thread.

bolton h.s. should be very important to the rest of rapides parish because prior to buckeye and pineville high schools being built, children from the north side of the red river attended it. we have an aunt that told us many, many times about how our cousins attended bolton and that a lot of parents back then werent pleased at the building of buckeye high school in 1937, because, they feared that their children wouldnt get as good an education as they received at bolton. oddly our aunts life seemed to have started in 1937 when she was 13 years old. most of her stories always used 1937 and the opening of buckeye h.s. as a reference point.

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