29 September 2006

october last trumpet newsletter out


as we've written before we always enjoy reading each months edition of the last trumpet. we especially find intriguing the way the author pastor david j. meyer who claims to be an ex satanist and witch ties major events to the witches calender and sabats. heres some excerpts:

"...the Apostle Peter describes the same condition that Jeremiah revealed and used the words “willingly ignorant” to describe the people of earth in the last days. This is especially true of the professing Christians. Very few of them ever talk about Bible prophecy anymore. One vital point regarding this serious problem that I urge you to never forget is that it is not the work of the antichrist to deceive the unbelievers of this word! Satan already has the unbelievers right where he wants them. The work of the antichrist is to deceive the Christians. When Christians stop reading the true Bible, and when they no longer pray and fight the enemy, the first thing they lose is their gift of discernment. This is a gift that is given only to those who are actively engaging the enemy in battle. What follows is an inability to think for themselves and to understand the evil world that they live in. The professing Christians then become like the characters in the Wizard of Oz with no heart, no brain, and no courage! The Illuminati and Satan are counting on that!

Sworn Liars in High Places!
Governmental racketeering has been going on for a long time, and the officials don’t like competition. That is why they go after the competition and call what the competitors are doing crime when the officials are doing the same things, except on a much larger scale. Here let it be noted that William Casey, former Director of the CIA, reportedly said, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Never in the history of our nation has there been such an utter lack of character and common decency among those who occupy the high offices of our government! On July 28th, 2006, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain went on a congressional trip together to Estonia. While in that nation, representing our nation on official business, Hillary suggested holding a vodka drinking contest! John McCain said he was delighted and quickly agreed. McCain commented later on how much fun he found Hillary to be. McCain stated that he didn’t remember details as they were a little fuzzy, but he did say, “Hillary is one of the guys.” (6) Both Hillary Clinton and John McCain are front runners for their party for the 2008 presidential election.

Truly, our nation is deteriorating fast, and deception is the modus operandi of high government. Even Senator John Rockefeller, of all people, recently stated, “President Bush duped the public on Iraq and the world would be better off if Saddam Hussein were still running that country.” (7)

Iraq has become a blood-bathed country due to our presence there, and the cries and screams from the daily atrocities are reaching unto Heaven. On August 23rd, 2006, thousands of U.S. Marines were re-called to active duty to be sent to the land of slaughter known as Iraq. (12) So many of our military personnel come back from our war zones wounded in many ways, but far more come back sick from the effects of so-called spent uranium. The first Gulf War taught us the dangers of that. In 1990-1991, we fought a three-week war in the Persian Gulf area involving 580,400 of our soldiers. The total number of our soldiers that were wounded in that war was 467. We must ask ourselves why then are there now 11,000 Gulf War I veterans dead, and why are a whopping 325,000 of them now on permanent medical disability? Thus, 56 percent of those who served have severe medical problems!

The entire world is in a state of unrest! We recently had a war between the Israeli State and Hezbollah forces in Lebanon, which lasted thirty-three days. Now Hezbollah is rearming for an even greater war. (21) Meanwhile, the Israeli State has also made it clear that they are gearing up for a full-scale war with Iran and Syria. (22) To add fuel to the already raging fire, Pope Benedict XVI recently made a speech in which he condemned the Islamic Jihad as “unreasonable, evil, and inhuman.” (23) The Pope, whether right or wrong, now has a serious problem. The Moslem world is now rising up and calling for a “Holy War” against the Pope and his followers. This is just the way Dr. Albert Pike and Giuseppi Mazzino planned it when laying out the blueprint for three world wars back in the nineteenth century. Pike and Mazzino were arch Illuminists who controlled the Illuminati conspiracy just after the American Civil War. They clearly stated that World War III, when and if necessary, would be fomented by the differences between united Christendom and the Moslem world. (24)

The real dilemma the Pope faces is that he cannot apologize for what he said. Ordinarily a political or religious figure can apologize to avoid major strife. The Pope cannot do so without destroying the Catholic Church, because according to the Dictates of Hildebrand and Cannon Law, the Pope speaks ex-cathedra and is infallible. An apology would destroy the doctrine of Papal infallibility and would desecrate the throne of St. Peter according to Roman Catholic doctrine. It appears that there is no way out of this one! Time is short!"

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