20 September 2006

video: what internet chatroom?

we see these internet chatroom predator stories from time to time. what we would like to know and what the media never tells us is where exactly are these chatrooms located? we're curious because we used to chat on msn's chat service chat.msn.com. to chat there we had to suscribe and everyone had to be 18+ to chat there. in our time chatting there we never came across anyone from alexandria or central louisiana. the very few louisianaians that we did see in chat were almost always from new orleans. by the way microsoft is closing their chat service next month because of a lack of subscribers/chatters so that makes us even more interested in how the police can go online and within minutes meet people from alexandria and central louisiana. something is just not adding up. our main complaint with msn chat was all the pornobots #2 #3 parked in all the rooms they never got rid of like they said they were. we didnt see many children and if any did show up they were quickly banned.

see also the town talk undercover operation targets internet predators via www.thedeadpelican.com