04 September 2006

crocodile hunter steve irwin dead

steve irwin memorial at find a grave
steve irwin at wikipedia
steve irwin's official website www.crocodilehunter.com
last night we wandered into one of our old chatroom haunts and when around midnight a chatter named humphreyspants came in and made what we thought at first was a stupid joke about steve irwin, something about irwin dying from a stick by a stingray, that sounded ridiculous to us; we didnt think anymore of it, after all the chatter left pretty quickly and didnt give any links or anything.
humphreyspants1972 has joined the conversation.

CristinellaItalia87 : hey hey

humphreyspants1972 : hi all

▫ήāήήïє : yw Cat

Iley10 : looking at pictures again cat wonderful shots

▫ήāήήïє : still not done

humphreyspants1972 : heard the news about steve irwin?

CristinellaItalia87 : who's steve irwin

▫ήāήήïє : will look at more tommorrow:-D

humphreyspants1972 : Crocodile hunter

CristinellaItalia87 : oo

humphreyspants1972 : he's deas

humphreyspants1972 : dead*

klaatu_veratanaktu_ : hes not dead is he?

CristinellaItalia87 : shut up

CristinellaItalia87 : aww poor guy how did he die

▫ήāήήïє : hes not dead

klaatu_veratanaktu_ : i dun think hes dead

humphreyspants1972 : stingray barb killed him this morning near Port Douglas
so, imagine how stunned we were a few minutes later when we flipped over to drudge and saw it in black in white. according to the oz press mr. irwin died around 11:00 am local time which was around 8:00 pm cdt in louisiana. we first got the news here around four hours later or a little before midnight. we got to read a lot of press stories about mr. irwin. he lead a fantastic blessed life and he died doing what he loved and in fact he was there filming a segment of a television program for his daughter. a couple of years ago mr. irwin received a lot of flack because he fed a piece of chicken to one of his gigantic crocs there at his zoo whilst holding under the other arm his then one month old son bob.

a lot of busy bodies got their knickers in a twist without even stopping and thinking that he probably raised all those crocodiles from hatchlings and that mr. irwin spent time with the crocs almost everyday. working with them and training them. so, its highly likely that the thought of eating or attacking mr. irwin never entered their minds. why would it? they were used to him and after all hes going to bring a big piece of chicken soon anyway.

no one is trying to suggest that crocodiles are smart or friendly, however, they are predators and as such can be conditioned. mr. irwin was also a businessman and it hardly makes sense from a business standpoint that he would have the most ferocious man eating crocs out around his workers or the public. maybe he kept those somewhere else.

mr. irwins death is a great loss for all of us who love animals and those that wish that we had his courage and talent to interact with them just like he did.
edited 9:11 pm cdt monday 04 september 2006