26 September 2006

the insurance commissioner race scam

we started working on this post back during the 2006 regular legislative session. the original title was to be "senator james david cain please remove head from ass" because we were disgusted by his flagrant pandering and grandstanding to the simple minded peoples emotions regarding the non issue of flag burning. we mean c'mon this state just experienced two hurricanes and the best plan that senator cain could come up with to create a better louisiana is flag burning? if you think that senator cain is going to do one little thing to improve our insurance crisis then by all means go ahead and vote for him. thankfully there is a third candidate running, a libertarian named s.b.a. zatoon, this is who we will vote for and you should too.

at first we were going to vote for deanne henke. its just as well that she dropped out and endorsed senator cain because that tells us that she isnt any good. obviously she has been paid or blackmailed off to support senator cain or more likely shes a part of the criminal network.

anyway, we are tired of adding to and editing this post. so, if it appears to be a disjointed mess thats why.

a couple of days ago chad reported from the dead pelican that deanne henke had dropped out louisiana's insurance commissioner race.


shockingly, after talking about corruption and so forth, ms. henke endorsed long time la state senator james david cain. ms. henke writes in part:
"...The candidate that will win on September 30th will be the one with the resources to spread their message, gather support, and turnout the vote. Without abandoning my principled position and accepting money from insurance interests, it has not been possible for me to raise the necessary funds to wage a successful race.

As Chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee, James David Cain shares my vision of change, and has been blocked in his legislative attempts to implement reform by an obstinate Department of Insurance. In debate after debate, we have both agreed on the need to implement comprehensive ethics reform, restore accountability to the ratings process, and fight for catastrophic protection."
this leads us to conclude that ms. henke has either been bought off or blackmailed to support senator cain.
if the truth was known in all those debates m. henke mentions probably what happened is that senator cain picked up on and parroted her own platform. senator cain is good at pandering and playing to the citizenery's emotions oh he knows better, the trouble is that we have for the most part (by our own fault) have forgotten how to recognize it. heres why:

you might remember that around this time last year louisiana experienced two devestating hurricanes in case you forgot, their names were katrina and rita. the governor waited entirely too long in calling louisiana's legislature in emergency or special or as we call it here an 'extraordinary' session. the first extraordinary session was held from 06 november 2005. senator cain filed three instruments sb15 which was about heh heh heh ethics which not surprisingly was never called for vote, sb46 which was some nonsense about sales taxe on natural gas, which never made it out of committee and senate concurrent resolution scr41 more which urged and requested "the Congress of the United States to change the coastal line by which the state receives tax and mineral revenue from three miles to twelve miles..."

1st extraordinary session after katrina convened 06 november and adjourned 22 november 2005.

the the second 'extraordinary' session which convened from 06 february 2006 and adjourned on 17 february 2006 senator cain filed one instrument sb14 which pertained to the louisiana citizens property insurance corporation. this was signed into law by governor blanco as act 13.

the 2006 regular session was from 27 march 2006 until 19 june 2006 and senator cain filed:
view the complete page by going to www.legis.state.la.us>2006 regular session>select a legislator>select legislator name from drop down box>view

a total of 25 instruments, one sb56 was withdrawn from the files of the senate. ten never made it out of committee. two were made subject to call then were never called. four were concurrent resolutions. eight were signed into law.

so whats the point of all this? well louisiana was hit by two disasters last year and how does senator james david cain respond? by filing a lot of frivilous legislation thats how. in one instance senator cain filed sb25 which creates the crime of burning the united states flag. oh yeah and its dependant on the united states constitution being amended to make it a crime. this bill which went on to be signed into "law" although its not really a law by a weak and lame ass governor isnt even enforceable.

now, there is several reasons why our louisiana politicians file nonsense instruments, one reason is that it ties up staff time and floor and committe debate time and other valuable resources so that the legislature doesnt have to work on real legislation to make the state a better place to live. another reason they do it is to pander to our states over abundance of simple minded citizens. louisiana's simple minded people are all those that go to church for an hour on sundays to act all holy and pious then for the rest of the six days and twenty-three hours live like and for the devil.

we've never burnt an american flag, we've never even been to an event where an american flag was burnt.

but senator cain (r) dry creek, is apparantly the master when it comes to filing warm fuzzy feel good do nothing waste of time and money legislation. a perusal of "instruments by james david cain" at legis.state.la.us returns a veritable cornucopia of uselessness.

first off we find SB25 which "creates the crime of burning the united states flag." as if thats not enough senator cain manages to go overboard on the subject with SCR23 which bugs washington to "memorialize the united states senate to take such actions as are necessary to pass the proposed constitutional amendment banning the desecration of the united states flag."

but you say thats our flag the symbol of our country people died for it yadda yadda yadda. usually the very ones bringing on this argument are these pseudo or quasi religious persons who have never had an original thought in their lives. they cant seem to grasp the meaning of the 4th commandment. which is funny because over in senator cain's SB476 he wants the secretary of state to promulagate a document containing the 10 commandents as well as the mayflower compact, the declaration of independance and articles I - VI of the northwest ordinance and make available to and so "...that the state offices, clerks of court, judges and local government buildings are authorized to post the documents for display provided by the secretary in a visible public location along with other historical documents." looks like he hasnt even bothered to read any of the documents he wants us to read. theres that pandering again.

so anyway, the point of all this is, is that if you think senator cain is going to do anything or even has the talent or wherewithal to improve louisiana's insurance industry then please by all means vote for him.

according to the sec'y of states website there is another candidate s.b.a. zatoon, a libertarian thats who we will be voting for and you should too.