20 September 2006

new cenla blog thecattycur

we received the following email this morning:

Hi, LOVE YOUR SITE and thanks for the article -- Catahoula sells out!

I don't know if we deserve a link on your site yet, but we started a post on Catahoula Parish. We're going to try to follow the antics of the stupid police jury and other officials and happenings in the future. Right now we are trying to get the word out about this disastrous landfill proposal before it is too late to comment-- Sept. 28th.

Here's the link. http://thecattycur.blogspot.com Hope we can continue and make it cool enough to get attention. Stay tuned for more postings about the landfill this week.

If you don't link to it, would you get the word out to Call the Governor at 866-366-1121 and tell her to stop this landfill from happening.

Thanks, the catty cur


we're more than happy to link to this blog. please stop by their blog, call governor blanco and deq tell them to stop this plan to poison us and our citizens and destroying ancient and sacred native american lands and please remember these valiant people in your prayers. a landfill in catahoula parish near the ancient and historic larto lake and on the bank of the red river is about the most ridiculous idea we have ever heard of. if this landfill is built the garbage that will go into it isnt even the refuse of the people of catahoula parish - its garbage from new orleans! new orleans garbage should stay in new orleans. the catahoula parish police jury has sold out their parish and is for poisoning their people (and everyone else down stream) for $40 million [31.5mEUR] dollars over a period of ten years. only in louisiana are the politicians the peoples worst enemy.
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