23 September 2006

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louisiana reservoir of corruption series...

this morning don dubuc interviewed jalon beech and lee kelley about eminent domain abuse and louisiana's reservoir scam. we've posted about this soooooooo much because what is happening to our fellow louisianaians there is wrong. that and if we found ourselves busted flat in washington parish we would hope that the good people there would give us a cup of coffee and bus fare back home instead of a good ass whipping. in other words like one of our grandpaws put it one time: "when i get to heaven i dont want god asking me why was you screwing people all the time for?"

so whats going on is that we have this interconnecting network of politicians, families and useful idiots working together to steal peoples ancient homesteads and familar land, cemeteries, churches the whole nine yards, under the guise of economic development. the scam works like this: you pick out a poor rural parish and tell the people that you are going to solve all their problems by building this reservoir and how with a reservoir all these people will pour in to fish, ski you know water related recreation and how they will spend all this money in gas and food and tourism.

oh and it helps if you are already a member of the state legislature so you can go ahead and write the laws and have them shepherded through by your other reservoir pals (the network) thats in the legislature as well. then you go ahead and steal the land by eminent domain build your reservoir and sell high end homes on the remaining land which you and your pals and family and the rest of the criminal network own via myriads of shell companies. never forgetting the fact that you and your pals in the legislature are the ones writing the laws on one end enabling you to steal everything on the other. its freaking genius.

this is just the extremely short version. if you love solving a good mystery and feel like playing columbo or jim rockford or mccloud then follow these links not just to our blog but to all the other blogs and websites out there that document all this way better than we ever could.
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