23 September 2006

**flash** special alexandria city council meeting monday morn...

**updated** 12:51 pm cdt monday 25 september 2006

town talk...

The Alexandria City Council today decided to proceed with Saturday's elections in council Districts 2 and 4 despite questions over the boundaries of the districts.

The council met in special session today and learned that only a dozen votes are affected by the boundary dispute. Because of the small number of votes affected, the council decided to proceed with the elections.

There had been the possibility that elections would be delayed for District 2, where incumbent Councilman Everett Hobbs faces challenger Darrell Hickman; and District 4, where incumbent Harry Silver faces Marc Lampert.

Rapides Parish Registrar of Voters Joanell Wilson last week discovered that the wrong map was used to draw council district lines for voting purposes.
original post
There will be a Special City Council meeting on
Monday, September 25, 2006 at 11:30 A.M.
in the City Council Chambers to discuss the following:

To consider a report from the Administration and City Attorney on concerns regarding the elections of Council Districts 2 and 4 and To consider adoption of a resolution authorizing the Mayor and the Administration to take necessary actions that may be required.
absentee voting for next saturdays election began monday. some voters in district 2 and 4 upon going to the registar's office the first day to cast their ballot began to learn that they couldnt vote for their candidate for councilman in the district that they live in due to whats being called a map discrepancy between the rapides area planning commission, the city and the registar's respective map. they are all drawn differently so that the new ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES werent programmed correctly. (or where they?) thats how people found out when they went to vote the machine wouldnt let them. click here to read an anonymous commentator over on cenla antics blog who scooped the MSM and broke the news to the blogosphere around 7 pm wednesday.

the registrar of voters said that the election would proceed unless and until someone filed a suit and a judge ruled to stop it. as you can imagine everyone in alexandria is up in arms about it. this morning the town talk website published a story by billy gunn see Alexandria denies it contributed to inaccurate council boundaries in which mr. gunn reported that a baton rouge voting rights attorney leo hamilton who according to the louisiana state bar association website is with the baton rouge law firm of Breazeale, Sachse Wilson, L.L.P. will be at this special city council meeting monday morning. everyone wants to know who in the city called this baton rouge lawyer to come interfere in the election and on what authority and how much it will cost when it should be up to a voter or candidate to file a suit if it should come to that in the first place. look for a good crowd at the city council meeting.

city of alexandria council districts two and four

click here to view and toggle the citys official district map from its website

another city attorney howard b. "trey" gist, iii, was quoted as saying in that town talk article that the city had the only official map and this map came from the citys website so it must be the official map.

follow the controversy over on cenla antics at this thread One Week left ... and Bewildered!
some comments:

At Friday, September 22, 2006 7:18:42 PM, Anonymous said...

(city attorney kelvin sanders) Kelvin is such a lying sack of

At Friday, September 22, 2006 7:29:29 PM, biff said...

this whole thing is to protect hobbs. he knows he has a whipping coming and has gotten his blow buddy kelvin to
it would seem like the common sense thing for the registrar of voters to do and for the election the poll commissioners would be that since the city claims that they have the official map to simply run off enough copies for all the precincts and when people come in to vote to work off the citys map. when we had the conventional machines this could be done by simply flipping a switch to lock out erroneous voters this has been done to us many, many times on property tax elections when the precinct was split the poll commissioner would turn a knob that wouldnt allow us to vote in that election but we could in all the other races that were on the ballot and applicable but they cant do that with these ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES because everything is programmed in. this is another reason to do away with ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES. all this is about is bringing in another outside lawyer to get an enormous slush fund err fee. look for the lawyers and the courthouse crowd to make a small fortune off of this
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