07 September 2006

**flash** richard lee mcnair video no2 on google video

**update 25 october 2007** richard lee mcnair captured

last night and into today we've been noticing that we have started to receive an enormous amount of traffic being referred from the carl bordelon/richard lee mcnair vid we had posted over on google video back in april. our first thought was that mcnair had been captured or was in the news somewhere but a search of the major news outlets as well as the america's most wanted website revealed nothing. finally we checked the video.google.com homepage and saw that its currently no2 on the movers and shakers list. the no 1 vid which claims to be steve irwins death footage is one of those joke gotcha type vids.
richard lee mcnair & carl bordelon vid stats year to date updated 12 sept 2006