23 September 2006

field negros' looking for love...

fn has been rummaging around for a newspaper over at massa's house again and as usual the house negros get the best part. nevertheless, fn makes do with the classified section instead and maybe even finds a date.
SBF seeks SBF for love and companionship: She must be patient, willing to listen, and most of all be drug free. Size, weight, and looks do not matter.
If interested, please call Whitney at ***-***-****

SBF seeks SBM for possible life time commitment: Must be loving,caring, and not wasteful with money. Must be dark handsome, and articulate. (I tried light didn't like it) My ideal mate does not have to have any previous work experience as he will be a stay at home husband. He must be understanding and be able to deal with the demands of my career. He must also be scandal free, with no illegitimate children, and willing to sign a prenup. An appreciation for reading would also be nice.
If interested, please call Oprah at ***-***-****
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