07 August 2008

'9/11' stickers cause plane scare; arrest

remember when you used to go to the mall or some other public place and run across a chick tract that someone had left laying around? "this was your life!" is probably the most popular, although seems like chick did produce one that the cover looked like a folded up twenty dollar or one hundred bill, probably to entice someone to pick it up. do you think that whoever was responsible for passing out tracts this way should be arrested?

well, jason robo, a 26-year-old political science major and student activist from humboldt state university was recently doing the same thing. the eureka, california times-standard reported that robo allegedly affixed a sticker reading "9/11 was an inside job! prisonplanet.com," inside the airplane lavatory.

this resulted in the evacuation of the airplane and a three hour flight delay as well as mr. robo being charged with disorderly conduct. how ridiculous.

if mr. robo was arrested for anything it should have been for promoting liar, israeli agent and zionist denier alex jones.

Jones talks about interlocking collusions, Straussian groups, splits between the elites, soft-power Fabian elites, and other nonsense to trick us into believing that Israel is a victim of a small group of evil people. He talks a lot, but what do you actually learn from him? His technique is to mix confusion with remarks that make Israel look innocent. ~ see alex jones is a liar by eric hufschmid.