03 August 2008

jim beam crappin' his depends over les miles - snoop dogg friendship

it must be a slow news day in lake charles, louisiana when jim beam, the retired editor of turned columnist for the lake charles american press sees fit to pen a long tirade against lsu head coach les miles apparent fanship and friendship with rapper snoop dogg a/k/a calvin broadus.

firstly, who cares what music or what musician head coach miles and/or his son listen to and befriend? secondly, we wonder if mr. beam can name any musician, regardless of genre, who isnt what would be considered some sort of freak, pervert or criminal? we doubt it.

lastly, if mr. beam was any sort of serious journalist interested in reporting serious news -- then why hasnt he wrote a column about louisiana state senator, lake charles dum-o-crat willie landry mount's senate bill no. 312 which mandated the introduction of a deadly poison called sodium fluoride into the states drinking water supply and how the american dental association tells new mothers not to mix infant formula with fluoridated water because it can and will poison their babies and how the american kidney association warns people suffering from kidney ailments and diseases not to drink fluoridated water and that kidney dialysis machines are not to use fluoridated water or how fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland of the human brain?

why isnt mr. beam either conducting an or calling for an investigation into willie landry mount and her husband lake charles attorney ben mount's finances to see what, if any, compensation they are receiving from the sodium fluoride industry or anyone connected to the sodium fluoride industry as well as anyone set to make money off this mandate in the form of campaign or other contributions and/or legal work?

why isnt mr. beam calling into account governor piyush "bobby" jindal, a republican who, on 06 july 2008, signed this disastrous bill into law?

it seems that this is what an authentic journalist who was genuinely concerned about the welfare of his or her readers would be doing -- not wasting who knows how much time researching the so called criminal history of some musician.