09 August 2008

the mysterious disappearance of avoyelles parish native and air force pilot 1st lt. felix e. "gene" moncla jr.

via: red dirt report


On the night of Nov. 23, 1953, 27-year old Avoyelles Parish native and Air Force pilot 1st Lt. Felix E. "Gene" Moncla Jr. and 2nd Lt. Robert Wilson met a mysterious fate.

That night, Moncla and Wilson were instructed to fly their Northrup F-89C jet aircraft to identify a large unidentified craft flying over restricted airspace at the Soo Locks along the American-Canadian border. The duo, flying at approximately 500 mph, descended rapidly from 30,000 feet to 7,000 feet in order to seek out the unusual object.

As Moncla's jet approached the craft, a radar operator at Houghton, Mich., noted that it was not long before the two blips on the radarscope had merged. Suddenly, Moncla and Wilson's jet had disappeared and the "bogey" (as UFO's and other unknown craft are called in Air Force parlance) continued on a northward track over Canada and rapidly vanished off the radar screen. ~ read more