05 August 2008

pastor james david manning: the historical & traditional ignorance of black people

pastor james david manning directs his sermons mostly at black people but his sermons are just as applicable to whites and every one else who are just as spiritually dead and deceived;

one reason why we like pastor manning so much is because of the way that he rails against senator barack obama. this is not because we dislike senator obama so much, but because pastor manning sees in senator obama the same things which we see in piyush "bobby" jindal.

havent you noticed how senator obama is just like piyush "bobby" jindal? senator obama's supporters are just like piyush's supporters. the similarities are striking. such as senator obama's supporters maintain that anyone who doesnt support him is a racist - this is the same thing piyush's supporters said. they say that if you dont support senator obama then you are for 'big oil.' piyush's supporters claimed that if you didnt support him then this was proof that you were for this mysterious 'old boy network.'

we've noticed that senator obama's supporters dont like it much when his middle name is mentioned and that will earn you an instant denunciation too. piyush's supporters are the same way when you speak his real name, instead of his cutesy, kennedyesq, pseudonym "bobby," which is just as fake and manufactured as everything else about piyush. its odd that more people (at least inside louisiana) arent pointing these similarities put.

we havent paid much attention to senator obama or john mcmadman mccain since the primaries ended. however, lately we've noticed on blogs and in the media, talk about how a lot of people are heralding senator obama as some sort of messiah figure and this is exactly how piyush was lauded - our hero, our saviour, the one who would save us and change louisiana's place on all those "lists." while in reality everything that piyush and his crew have touched has turned to dung.

nowadays, a lot of people who supported piyush, are now spending a lot of time criticizing him. but nothing about piyush has changed. piyush is merely doing now -- what he did all through the gubernatorial campaign then - which was to recite the same thing over and over again and lie. funny how the media, the talking heads and christians who clatter about this now, never noticed it back then.

for instance, elliott stonecipher said in a 01 july 2008 radio interiew [.mp3] that piyush is a "chatty-cathy" and a
"sound-bite jukebox, you put your fifty cents in and press b-thirteen and you get the same scripted answer on whichever b-thirteen is and it never changes." but mr. stonecipher, who is a smart guy, never pointed this out during the gubernatorial campaign. and so anyone and everyone who supported piyush and voted for him and who is now criticizing him, has zero credibility to offer an opinion about anything - including the weather.

did you ever stop to think that maybe when piyush was performing that exorcism, that the demon jumped out of susan and into him? why not? its happened before.

back to pastor manning -- if louisiana had more preachers, in the vein of pastor manning and who would have spoken out against the lies of piyush "bobby" jindal instead of embracing this reprobate, apostate, heretic and inviting him into their false, spiritually dead churches to give his "testimony" things might have turned out differently for louisiana and we might not have to suffer our own 'emissary of the devil,' piyush "bobby" jindal.

"ya'll in the church of god in christ, the assemblies of god, you southern baptists, you people within the denominations of evangelicals you better stop whoring after this man. ya'll have turned yourself into whores behind this man...those of ya'll that are following him are whores, you church mothers, you sunday school teachers, you pastors have become whores." pastor james david manning speaking about barack obama.
pastor manning's words are just as applicable to louisiana preachers a-whoring after piyush "bobby" jindal. pastor manning says that god is going to deal with these preachers and church goers and that they are going to have their minds taken from them for their a-whoring after senator obama and we suspect that the same things are going to happen to these louisiana preachers a-whoring after piyush "bobby" jindal and with that thought in mind we have a couple of more false preachers and churches that should be avoided to add to our list of piyush whores:

darryl j. hoychick and trinity baptist church in pineville, louisiana - on sunday 22 june 2008 this church had piyush "bobby" jindal in their morning service to give his "testimony." this received zero mention anywhere in the media - most probably because the sb672 brouhaha was heating up and they didnt want any protesters around.

on 03 july 2008 the gannett/town talk reported that the mangun's (the pentecostals of alexandria) had piyush "bobby" jindal at their camp meeting. this is was immediately after the sb672 flare-up proved for once and to all that piyush is a liar. why would any authentic religious leader want a known liar in his pulpit or even anywhere in his church for that matter influencing his congregation? it doesnt make any sense does it.

or, could it be that the mangun's are just another crime family using religion to enrich themselves and to enlarge their political influence?

greg aymond told us once about how the mangun's brokered a secret political deal between rapides parish district attorney "jam" downs and pineville city court judge phillip terrell. supposedly, they agreed that judge terrell wouldnt run against mr. downs and in exchange mr. downs would hire judge terrell and promote him to first assistant district attorney. then, before his term was over, mr. downs would retire and judge terrell would be promoted to district attorney which would also give him an advantage going into an election.

some people think that we're anti-catholic but how can we be anti-catholic when every catholic knows, or is supposed to know, the difference between what the holy mother roman catholic church believes and what the protestant church believes?

for example, every catholic is supposed to know that protestants dont bestow any special significance on mary, much less pray to her or any of the other dead people that catholics call saints. protestants reject the notion of the confession and that a priest can forgive sin. protestants reject the pope and that he is infallible and that he speaks "as god."

yet you have piyush, who claims to be a good catholic clamoring around to all these churches saying "hey guys i'am one of you too." and these whore protestant preachers and their whore protestant churches encourage it. you dont have to be religious to understand just a little common sense tells you, that you cant simultaneously be a catholic and a protestant. we might add that piyush has done and continues to do this even after pope benedict xvi issued a statement last summer (2007) which reasserted the universal primacy of the roman catholic church and that other denomination are not true churches. therefore, every honest, respectable catholic knows that they have no business giving what is in fact a nonexistent "testimony" in any protestant church. in fact the only business a catholic would have in addressing a protestant congregation would be to tell it to repent and rejoin the church of rome.

so if you're a catholic dont be angry with us. stand up for your faith; have some integrity and speak out against this abomination piyush "bobby" jindal and what hes doing. dont you think that you owe it too all the millions of faithful catholics who came before you down through the last two millenniums? they would have spoken out. the same goes for the protestants. the catholic church hasnt changed neither has the protestant church. whats changed is this bunch of a-whoring false preachers, priests and teachers.

senator obama and piyush "bobby" jindal are both cut from the same cloth. both of them come from the same evil.