26 August 2008

is mayor roy's latest give-a-way programs coming unraveled?

around 31 july 2008 city of alexandria, louisiana mayor jacques roy, gave the second of whats come to be called his 'annual state of the city' address. mayor roy used the occasion to announce a new department head level position for the city called "'deputy chief of policy' and the city's first principled 'diversity officer.'"
[2nd annual state of the city of alexandria video at time 33 minutes] [part 2]

immediately before the mayor's announcement he spoke about the 04 october 2007 downtown alexandria shooting incident and used that as the means to justify this new position. although the mayor admitted that the shooting incident wasnt due to racism. he said that "therefore, we're going to look at how our community can respond to seemingly unprovoked rage, what leads to that, what its root causes are and what we can do to prevent it."

first off, the mayor doesnt need to waste a lot of taxpayer dollars to hire someone to find out, when the answer is obvious. in fact, we'll give the mayor the answer for free and save a lot taxpayer money - the answer is because of sin. see saint matthew chapter fifteen verse nineteen.

the mayor goes on to say that some of the duties of this new position will be to "educate the public on behaviors to watch in our coworkers, in our family members and what we can do to stop, interfere, intercede, intervene, before these things happen." where in the constitution does it give the city the authority to do this? this all about "political correctness" and enforcing it. and its about creating a though-crimes bureaucracy. who is going to investigate the complaints or tips? where will all this information database be stored and who will it be shared with -- the sheriff's office? the state police? homeland security? will it be a public record - in other words can someone submit a public records request to find out who all has been reported to the city for exhibiting suspect "behavior?"

the mayor goes on to say that another purpose of this position wll be "to create a dialogue about relations across the socioeconomic and political spectrum of our city." 60 minutes correspondent mike wallace asked the actor morgan freeman "how are we going to get rid of racism?" mr. freeman's honest and candid reply was to "stop talking about it" [video clip] this is good advice that mayor roy and the city council should heed.

in the above video mr. page says that "i first want to be sure that the community understands how city government works and how they can provide that service and also be a listening ear.." apparently civics is no longer being taught in any alexandria junior or high school. thats a shame too because we had a great civics teacher at peabody magnet high school.

another question that comes to mind is just what is the city council and the mayor elected to do? isnt it their responsibility to be out in the community listening and watching so that they have personal, first-hand knowledge of
whats going on and what needs to be done to formulate ordinances and policies to create a better alexandria? why do they want to insulate themselves from the people, to have information fed to them by another layer of bureaucracy whose observations and prejudices may run counter to their own?

we suppose that the mayor and the city council would prefer to sit in their gilded offices, free to think their great thoughts and dream their grand dreams over the sparc scheme instead.

unfortunately, the sparc scheme is never going to amount to a hill of beans either, because its founded on a fraud and deceit. in less than a minute on 18 july 2008 the louisiana state bond commission, chaired by the brown bagger guy, approved some $40 million dollars of bonds to begin the financing of mayor roy's sparc scheme.

one of the means pledged by the city to repay these bonds is the proceeds of a 1% sales and use tax that alexandrians foolishly approved on 21 july 2007.

and alexandrians were foolish to approve this tax, its never going to expire. its in perpetuity. see a rude awakening for realtor wolf. now think about that for a minute. the mayor, the city council, the city attorney , the city finance director and others all got together and conspired to place a tax proposal on the ballot which will never expire.

this means that alexandrians not even born yet will be tasked to pay this tax and will never have a say in it. no matter how one looks at it or attempts to explain it away -- that is called slavery. and this is the caliber of people that alexandrians have running their city government right now.

someone please tell us when the city's new 'diversity' officer is going to explain to ms. linda antoine [here is some interesting background on her] and mr. bobby ray taylor, that their children and their childrens children are (thanks to the city) governmental tax slaves. we would love to witness that conversation.