14 August 2008

winnfield taser cop scott nugent indicted

breaking news story on the indictment of winnfield, la. taser cop scott nugent.
around 6:25 p.m. on wednesday 13 august 2008 a winn parish, louisiana grand jury returned an indictment on nugent charging him with 1 count of manslaughter and 1 count of malfeasance in office. If convicted he could do up to 40 years in prison. see kalb nugent charged with manslaughter and malfeasance in office.

and also
the chicago tribune
former cop indicted in taser death in louisiana
earlier this week, latrina d. thomas on behalf of her minor child ka'daryon da'shun thomas who is the son of baron d. pikes the man whose death was ruled a homicide by the winn parish coroner after he was tased some nine times by scott nugent, filed a federal civil rights complaint against the city of winnfield and scott nugent as well as taser international and others.
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