18 August 2008

world grows weary of piyush's chatty cathy routine

on sunday, 17 august 2008, louisiana's governor, piyush "bobby" jindal appeared on nbc's 'meet the press' program. david gregory was the host. the reductbox has a video clip here.

mr. gregory asked piyush "would you like to be vice president?" piyush says that he's got the job that he wants and then as usual, or, more precisely as expected, piyush used the opportunity to recite what ellott stonecipher calls his b-13 selection: "we've cut six taxes, toughest ethics laws, we're growing jobs, lowest unemployment rates in thirty years, so we've got a lot more work down there in louisiana..." at this point mr. gregory cut in talking over him to ask his question once again "so if he asked you to be on the ticket you would say no?" to which piyush replies "he's not gonna ask we've already said in private and public we've got the job that we want, i dont want to be vice president, i'am not going to be the nominee."

mr. gregory again cuts piyush off to ask "so, but, you're ruling yourself out?" piyush says "i want to be governor hopefully for two terms." to which mr. gregory seeing that he wasnt going to get a straight answer finally replies "little bit of window still open there." to which piyush replies "no, no, no window is open." mr. gregory finishes up saying rather mockingly before turning to his other guest, "there's no window, you're out, your're out, ok."

if one things for sure its that piyush subscribes to the joseph goebbels method of propaganda: "if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will come to believe it..." because everyone who has been paying attention knows that on one of those six "tax cuts" piyush fought it tooth and nail until it became public knowledge then he swooped in to take credit for it and he has been taking credit for it -- at every opportunity -- ever since.

piyush's ethics laws reforms are one of the biggest frauds that hes pulled so far. whats worse is everyone, again whose been paying even casual attention, knows all this and piyush knows they know that hes lying and yet he goes right ahead and does it anyway! (over and over again)

piyush "bobby"jindal has no shame, no honor or integrity. piyush is a flat-out liar and a freak.

we used to think that the reason the national shows always had piyush on was because they were ordered to promote him and we still think that is a part of it, but by now these national correspondents must have caught on to his routine. (like candy crowley here) so we're wondering if they arent having him on now -- more as a joke than anything else.

imagine for a second what it must be like when they are sitting around in their break rooms discussing the days events, what the conversations must be like...one of them must have said "i got jindal on again tonight -- get a load of this guy, its impossible to get a straight answer out of him. all he does is say the same thing over and over again all the time, who would be dumb enough to vote for him?" this is probably when cokie roberts or campbell brown chime in to say "well he is from louisiana and we're talking louisianans here; just look at the criminals and perverts they elect over and over again - not just state wide but locally as well."

via daily kingfish we learn that in addition to the clip at the reductbox, that there is another clip from yesterdays meet the press over on crooks and liars in which piyush couldnt provide an answer to mr. gregory when he asked him what big idea john mcmadman mccain is campaiging on.