29 August 2008

barack obama's 2008 democratic nomination acceptance speech

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senator obama took the stage at 11 minutes past the hour - 9:11 p.m. cdt. thankfully, all the talk about his giving his speech 'from a greek temple' turned out to be another case of rovian hyperbole. senator obama delivers a great speech and its easy to see how so many have fallen under his spell. however, the reality is that there is no difference between senator obama's and senator mcmadman mccain's policies.

congressman ron paul told cnn that "their foreign policies are identical, there's no difference."

"they want more troops in afghanistan. they want to send more support to georgia to protect the oil line there. neither one says bring home the troops from iraq from the bases -- you know the bases are going to stay there, the embassy as big as the vatican, that's going to remain. So their foreign policies are exactly the same," he added.

the former republican presidential candidate said that the two candidates are both threats to the us national interests. ~ read more [link to cnn interview video]

the real reason why there is no difference in either obama or mcmadman mccain's policies is because they are both zionist puppets.
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