20 August 2008

la-04 rethug fleming wants to bus laborers from and to mexico

the old river road via my bossier

Let's think about this for a minute. Fleming wants to create a transportation system to bus migrant workers into the United States. How do we effectively screen these immigrants? How do we know we aren't transporting a terrorist into the country? And how do we keep track of them once they're here and make sure they return home?

And who's going to pay for the massive bureaucracy that will be needed to oversee this program? Fleming told me, "This would be for business and paid by business." But would it? Which business would pay for this?
according to his campaign website, dr. fleming owns 30 subway sandwich stores and is "responsible for 130 ups stores across texas, louisiana, and mississippi." [source] so, do you suppose that its the usual republican desire for cheap labor to exploit that is the real reason behind dr. fleming's immigrant busing service?