13 August 2008

forgotston finds "more state pork 'earmarks'"


HB 2 of the 2008 Regular Session is the State Capital Outlay Budget. Most of the expenditures in that budget is from money BORROWED via State General Obligation Bonds.

Thus, not only are we giving NGOs state cash, but now the state is borrowing money to fund NGOs. This, despite record budget surpluses.

I went through HB 2 and selected a few examples of money being borrowed for NGOs. I only listed those which are in Priority One, meaning they will get funded this year from the proceeds of bond sale(s).

The sample alone totals over $24 MILLION. This may help explain why, despite Jindal’s veto of $16 Million in NGOs in the Operating Budget the leges overwhelmingly voted against having a veto session to attempt to override the vetoes. ~ read more