20 August 2008

texe marrs: richard land of the southern baptist convention has joined the council on foreign relations (cfr)

mmhmm and now it should be clear why piyush "bobby" jindal is being promoted and encouraged by so many fallen away; reprobate baptist churches to give his nonexistent "testimony" in.

piyush is a rhodes scholar, they work with cfr and they are one world government advocates as well.

like piyush, richard land is oxford educated - he received his doctorate in philosophy degree from oxford. there used to be a time, not that long ago, when southern baptist preachers preached against the council on foreign relations, the trilateral commission, free masons and so forth -- now they are joining with and promoting them.

listen to the audio file linked below from the council on foreign relations website and hear for yourself what a globalist and zionist wacko richard land is.

texe marrs excerpt:

To achieve this, the Illuminati's premier political and economic organ, the socialistic, pro-Zionist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), has elevated to membership two key operatives, two men who are at the helm of America's most influential Christian evangelical groups. I refer to Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Community Church in California, and Dr. Richard Land, reigning religious potentate and poobah of the massive Southern Baptist Convention.


SBC's Richard Land a Devoted Environmentalist

Dr. Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptists' Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, was chosen by the CFR elite for promotion after he proved to the Illuminati his base loyalty in two very key areas: (1) Zionism; and (2) Environmentalism. Richard Land, supposedly a religious conservative, strangely is a globalist associate of Jim Wallis, liberal darling and head of the Masonic-oriented Sojourners group.

Land is also an ardent Zionist and is joint backer with Falwell, Hagee, Vines and others, of Jewish and Israeli racist supremacism. He is the evangelicals' leading point man on environmentalism. Land essentially teaches that Jesus died on the cross to save Mother Earth and to save human souls. Land says that the Great Commission includes the preaching of environmentalism just as much as it does the traditional John 3:16 message.

The Illuminists love it when their Mother Earth Gospel is promoted by a neocon backer and Zionist advocate, Richard Land, who sits at the helm the of power in the 16-million strong Baptist empire. At this time, Dr. Land, like some others whom the CFR has recruited, still preaches Jesus. But over time, it is expected that he and the SBC will moderate these exclusivist views to accommodate the new and approved CFR spiritual model of Unity and Diversity, a model that holds that Jesus is only one of many religious ways.

The Illuminati's CFR elite, with help from global servants like Rick Warren and Land, has crafted a new gospel, a Global Spirituality. The new versions of the Bible are now quickly incorporating this new gospel message into their latest printings. Rick Warren uses quotes from these new versions, including the New Century Version and The Message, in his Purpose-Driven books. ~ read more