08 August 2008

louisiana sheriff's association still endorsing criminals for elective office

this morning the gannett/alexandria daily town talk is reporting that the louisiana sheriff's association has endorsed katrina mary landrieu snellings in her reelection bid.

this endorsement should be taken with a grain of salt. in august 2007 the louisiana sheriff's association endorsed bob odom in his reelection bid for louisiana agriculture commissioner. this endorsement came while mr. odom was under a criminal indictment. no honest and respectable policeman is going to endorse someone for political office who is under indictment. how much evidence do you need to see that the louisiana sheriff's association is actually an organized crime gang?

the louisiana sheriff's association also endorsed piyush "bobby" jindal too and hows that working out for ya?

so no one should be surprised that the louisiana sheriff's association endorsed another career criminal like katrina mary landrieu snellings:

katrina mary's vote (see senate roll call vote #237 from 11 october 2002) in support of the unconstitutional H.J. Res. 114 the joint resolution to authorize the use of united states armed forces against iraq when iraq never did anything to nor was ever a threat against the united states. the illegal and immoral iraq war has so far resulted in at least 4,000 dead american servicemen and women and thousands more who suffer from permanent physical and mental injuries as well as untold numbers of innocent iraqis dead and injured. since then, katrina mary has not lifted one finger to stop the war -- in fact shes voted for every war funding request to come across the senate floor -- such as H.R.2206. this makes katrina mary a war criminal. if you vote for katrina mary landrieu snellings that makes you a party to being a war criminal too.

in 2006 katrina mary voted for H.R.3199 to reauthorize the unconstitutional usa patriot act. when the patriot act was originally voted on by the senate in 2001, katrina mary was the only senator who didnt bother to vote at all. see H.R. 3162 senate roll call #313 from 25 october 2001.

despite being sold to the american public to be a law to catch terrorists, in reality, the usa patriot act is being used to prosecute run of the mill, non-terrorist related crimes like the case of arizona grocery wholesaler samih jammal who was convicted of operating a baby-formula theft ring. see also justice: fbi misused patriot act powers. and also usa patriot act: loss of civil liberties since 9/11.

on 25 may 2006 katrina mary voted for S.2611 the so called comprehensive immigration reform act of 2006. S.2611 granted special privileges to illegal aliens not enjoyed by americans.

katrina mary mocked by a democratic blog. in 2006 katrina mary went to connecticut to campaign for rabid zionist, israeli agent and israel firster joe lieberman. matt stoller in a mydd.com piece called 'breaking down' said that:

Landrieu is probably the worst Democratic Senator in the caucus, with the possible exception of Max Baucus. She's an utter Bush sycophant, even going above and beyond the reddish tinge of Louisiana. If you're looking for a reason that New Orleans is still devastated today, you have to look to her utter failure of leadership in forcing Bush to do anything to deal with the situation. She's a moral ghost, someone who won't fight for her city or her state because she wants to be loved by insiders.
H.R. 5122 the john warner national defense authorization act for fiscal year 2007. katrina mary voted for this piece of bushonian garbage as well. despite that it was opposed by then louisiana governor kathleen babineaux blanco. governor blanco opposed H.R.5122 due to a little known and little reported provision which revised the insurrection act allowing the president to take control of state-based national guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities, in order to "suppress public disorder."

katrina mary landrieu snellings servant of big pharma and the republican party. in 2007 north dakota democrat byron dorgan, sponsored legislation to allow the importation (also called reimportation) of prescription drugs from canada. katrina mary voted for big pharma and against lower prescription drug prices when she voted for mississippi rethug scumbag thad cochran's amendment to nullify the practice. the congressional budget office estimated that passing the reimportation measure would have saved american consumers $50 billion over 10 years.

S.3930 the military commissions act of 2006. salon.com: The Military Commissions Act of 2006 was -- and remains -- one of the great stains on our national political character. It was passed by a substantial majority in the Senate (65-34) with the support of every single Senate Republican (except Chafee) and 12 Senate Democrats. No filibuster was even attempted. It passed by a similar margin in the House, where 34 Democrats joined 219 Republicans to enact it. One of the most extraordinary quotes of the post-9/11 era came from GOP Sen. Arlen Specter, who said at the time that that the Military Commissions Act -- because it explicitly barred federal courts from hearing habeas corpus petitions brought by Guantanamo detainees -- "sets back basic rights by some 900 years" and was "patently unconstitutional on its face" -- and Specter then proceeded to vote for it. see senate roll call #259 of 28 september 2006.

recently, the united states supreme court in boumediene v. bush declared a part of the military commissions act unconstitutional.

american revolutionary war patriot and hero nathan hale was tried, convicted and executed by a british military commission.

S.A. 3035 katrina mary provides the one vote needed to pass ted kennedy's hate crimes bill. by a vote of 60 to 39 sen. kennedy's hate crimes amendment was attached to the defense authorization act (H.R.1585}. if only one more pro-hate bill senator, democrat or republican, had been persuaded, either by massive calling during the last week or by impassioned attack of the hate bill on the floor of the senate, the hate bill would have been destroyed in this congress.

S.2128 katrina mary provides a road block on the internet superhighway - katrina mary objects to permanent ban on internet taxation.
Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) voiced objection to S. 2128, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, effectively halting the vote. The Senate consideration of S. 2128 follows the Tuesday passage in the House of a temporary extension of the current moratorium.

While the senator stated that her objection was on behalf of Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), she helped to thwart a similar bill in 2003.

"Yesterday Senator Landrieu took a stand against taxpayers, innovation and economic growth by blocking a vote on the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act," said taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. "With broad support for permanently banning Internet taxes, Landrieu's efforts to stand in the way of S. 2128 are surprising -- especially after her constituents relied heavily on Internet communication following Hurricane Katrina."
katrina mary upset her internet tax maneuver came to light. A Web ad by the National Republican Senatorial Committee is frustrating U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, who said the piece distorts her record on the vehicle the GOP is using to attack her: the Internet.

katrina mary votes to confirm george bush's pro-torture and zionist attorney general nominee michael mukaskey. Judge Michael Mukasey's nomination should have been in big trouble given his outright refusal to condemn waterboarding as torture. But it wasn't in trouble, thanks to a couple of Democratic leaders who should have been at the forefront of the opposition, but weren't. [H]is nomination quickly went to the full Senate where six Democrats joined the Republicans in confirming this master of deceit.

american founding father patrick henry adamantly denounced torture.

S.Res. 374 more nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings legislation. nutty katrina mary wanted us all to know that she had just passed, with zero co-sponsors and by unanimous consent (facts which her press release and the gannett/town talks blurb conveniently leaves out, although katrina mary's press release does disingenuously mention that it was passed unanimously). s.res374: a do-nothing, touchy-feely, warm-fuzzy, waste of time bill.

nutty katrina mary's "resolution asks the public to interview at least one veteran in their family or community and encourages participation by local, state and national organizations along with federal, state, city and parish or county governments."

wouldnt it be a great story for veterans to tell in the future how mary landrieu, senior senator from louisiana fought for and raised hell to stop the illegal; immoral iraq war and helped to bring our soldiers home?

alas, this story will never be told because nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings is a useful idiot and a puppet who keeps her mouth shut and does just what she is told to do. all to the detriment of her country, its constitution and its service members.

desperate and nutty katrina mary landrieu snellings playing the osama bin laden card. poor katrina mary, she just cant win for losing. in this gannett/town talk piece she is bemoaning the fact that president bush:

"pocket vetoed" a bill that includes a provision by Sen. Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., to make the primary mission of U.S. counter-terror operations the capture or killing of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and other leaders of al Qaeda and the destruction of their terrorist network.

apparently, no one on nutty katrina mary's nutty staff bothered to read the new york times 04 july 2006 edition because if they had, then they would have already known:

The Central Intelligence Agency has closed a unit that for a decade had the mission of hunting Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants, intelligence officials confirmed Monday. The unit, known as Alec Station, was disbanded late last year and its analysts reassigned within the C.I.A. Counterterrorist Center, the officials said.

see also fox news: report: osama bin laden already dead

katrina mary landrieu snellings influence peddling and earmarks scams

the randy best and voyager reading program scam
Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu sponsored an unusual $2 million earmark to provide an experimental reading program to District of Columbia schools -- just days after receiving $30,000 in campaign contributions from the company that runs the program and its employees.

cbs airs segment on katrina mary and voyager reading system earmark and influence peddling scam

shameless katrina mary landrieu snellings still a-whoring after randy best. Politically connected business man Randy Best appears to be attending a fund raiser for Mary Landrieu this weekend THE DEAD PELICAN has learned.

H.R.6304 FISA katrina mary votes to eviscerate the 4th amendment and for warrantless wiretapping and big telecom immunity.

scofflaw: katrina mary landrieu snellings caught violating motor vehicle law...again. politico's shenanigans unit posts (see link) a photo of louisiana senator katrina mary landrieu snellings' sport utility vehicle illegally parked in a washington, d.c. no-parking zone. politico swears that although cropped out of the photo, immediately to the right of katrina mary's suv is a "no parking" sign. this is not the first time that katrina mary has exhibited such a cavalier attitude towards motor vehicle law...

therefore, no honest and respectable person who is concerned about the future of our country as well as the integrity of the united states constitution would ever endorse, support or vote for katrina mary landrieu snellings. everyone who you see endorsing and supporting katrina mary is actually helping us out by identifying themselves as being a part of the criminal network