29 August 2008

pineville jamboree live stream 2008

over on thetowntalk.com they have an article 'watch live streaming video from pineville jamboree' (see link) they have a live stream video player embedded in the article and you can also get the code and embed it on other websites and blogs:

town talk live stream video embed player
full screen mode
the full screen mode is nice and the sound and pictures are very clear. the video was not smooth at all for us but that is probably due to our old computer rather than the town talk's equipment. for instance our cpu was maxed out at 100%.

there is also a chat room function so that game viewers can interact with each other.

one suggestion that we would make is that it would be better if the embed player didnt automatically load and begin to play especially since the player is embeddable on other blogs and websites.

all in all this is a great idea and we wish them success.
UPDATE: mr. ussery with the town talk tells us via the chat room why the live video was so choppy. the town talk is currently playing game highlights and the video for that is fine.
kalb's jamboree highlights
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