14 August 2008

air force to 'reconsider' its cyber command scam

word came out earlier this week that the united states air force has 'suspended plans to establish its much hyped cyber command program.' this cyber command was to be established at barksdale airforce base at shreveport, louisiana.

it never made any sense to locate cyber command at barksdale in the first place, as the obvious choice for its location should have always been within united states northern command [usnorthcom] at peterson air force base colorado springs, colorado.

more than likely whats happened is that the government has decided to run this massive domestic and international internet monitoring and spy program through one of its spook agencies instead of through the active duty military.

the government is probably afraid that after the military, a lot of whom still take their oath to the constitution seriously, finally catch on to what it's really up to -- will spill the beans.

a 'cyber command' has always been just another governmental scam. for instance, everyday we receive scores, if not hundreds of 419 as well as phishing emails as well as the regular run of the mill spam. this has been going on unabated for years. in fact its worse now than its ever been.

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yet the government appears to remain clueless at catching whoever is behind all these online scams. phishing is a serious criminal offense too -- phishing is where someone sets up a website that looks like your bank or paypal or ebay, etc. website and tricks you into entering your username and password and other personal information which they then use to loot your account and/or steal your identity.

these criminals even phish the internal revenue service and impersonate our servicemen and women fighting in iraq. sometimes they try to trick us into installing a .exe file in order to take over or use our computer to perpetuate even more scams.

so if the government cant
with the resources already available to them or wont stop all this -- then what can they possibly hope to accomplish against professional "chinese hackers" who have all the latest and most powerful computer equipment and systems paid for with (thanks to americans addiction to all things walmart) american money?